Surf or Sound Realty makes $10,000 donation to Hatteras Island Meals

Surf or Sound Realty makes $10,000 donation to Hatteras Island Meals

November 10th, 2023

Hatteras Island Meals, a longstanding and all-volunteer organization that provides nutritious lunches to elderly or homebound island residents five days a week, received an amazing surprise donation this week from Surf or Sound Realty.

Launched in 1987 as an informal endeavor, where local folks prepared meals for their neighbors, it has grown to include around 40 volunteers and 50 clients from Rodanthe to Hatteras village – a number that naturally fluctuates year-to-year.

“Late Tuesday afternoon, our Treasurer Shelley Tidd received an email from Mikki Rollinson, Senior Accountant with Surf or Sound Realty,” according to a Facebook post from HIM. “She simply stated that Surf or Sound Realty would like to make a donation to Hatteras Island Meals.”

A few HIM board members and volunteers met at Diamond Shoals Restaurant to receive the check and take pictures with Morgan Veyna, Vice President of Operations for Surf or Sound Realty and Mikki Rollinson, Senior Accountant and Hatteras Island native.

Little did they know that as the check was presented, it was for $10,000, which will pay for over 1,428 meals!

(Left to right) Melanie Nelson, HIM Secretary; Janie Baldi, Buxton volunteer; Mariana Palacios, Chef at Diamond Shoals; Edith Byrd, General Manager at Diamond Shoals; Donnie Taylor, Avon volunteer; Cathy Diemer, Avon Community Manager; Aida Havel, Board Member and RWS Volunteer; Shelley Tidd, HIM Treasurer; Morgan Veyna, Vice President of Operations for Surf or Sound Realty; Mikki Rollinson, Senior Accountant for Surf or Sound Realty. [submitted photo]

“Our volunteers were stunned, hugs, handshakes and some tears passed as we realized Surf or Sound Realty’s generosity,” the group said. “Thank you cannot possibly express our gratitude.”

“We currently are serving approximately 9,000 meals per year,” they said. “All of our costs are for meals which we purchase at local restaurants.”

Surf or Sound Realty is a locally owned and operated premier property management and real estate sales company which has been in business since 1978 and has offices in Salvo, Avon and Hatteras village.

“We want to personally thank owners, Dale and Annah Petty for their generosity,” Hatteras Island Meals said. “Their love for their community is simply amazing. Surf or Sound Realty are generous HIM HEROES.”

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