Issues with U.S. 158 traffic signals in northern Nags Head due to repaving

Issues with U.S. 158 traffic signals in northern Nags Head due to repaving

October 11th, 2023

Travelers along U.S. 158 and side streets that have traffic signals in northern Nags Head have noticed the lights are taking longer than usual to change, but the town says that issue along The Bypass will be resolved soon.

Work began on September 25 along South Croatan Highway between Hollowell Street and Eighth Street, with milling of the side street approaches by contractors for the N.C. Department of Transportation.

However, the paving originally scheduled to start the week of October 6 has been paused according to the Town of Nags Head. No reason for the stoppage was announced and neither was a date for the project to resume.

On Wednesday, the town posted the following update on their website:

“You have likely noticed that traffic signal timing in the north end of town has been off. We have good news about this: The NC Department of Transportation’s contractor is working on the issue. The milling of the highway’s side streets, which has to be completed ahead of the repaving, caused the traffic signal loops to revert back to their default timing settings. Please know that the issue is being addressed.

Pedestrians: Don’t take traffic stopping on the highway as your cue to start crossing the road! Wait until you see the ️pedestrian crossing signal illuminate before heading into the crosswalk. Just because one side of the road has a red light does not mean you are free to go. Traffic could still have the green light on the other side of the street. Wait for the pedestrian crossing signal to illuminate!”

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