More travelers inclined to use AI, ChatGPT in trip planning process

More travelers inclined to use AI, ChatGPT in trip planning process

October 10th, 2023

Recent research from Longwoods International and Miles Partnership shows that travelers are beginning to use AI in the trip planning process.

In the last six months, 17 percent of travelers say they have used ChatGPT in travel planning. This is up from 14 percent from early summer.

CNBC recently reported that AI could soon change the approach by which travel companies interact with travelers.

For instance, Airbnb’s CEO indicates the desire to “build a robust profile about you, learn about you and ask you two bigger questions: Who are you, and what do you want?”

While not quite there yet, the enormous amounts of data that AI is able to search will allow it to recall past searches to build on a conversation.

CNBC reports that while large amounts of travelers are still not quite ready to use AI for trip planning, travel companies are getting into the technology to be ready when travelers are.

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