N.C. Catch Summit, Outer Banks Feast will be held March 20 in Nags Head

N.C. Catch Summit, Outer Banks Feast will be held March 20 in Nags Head

March 12th, 2023

Premier panels, insightful guest speakers, and unmatched opportunities demonstrating how to advocate for local seafood are on the agenda at the N.C. Catch Summit at 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on March 20 at Basnight’s Lone Cedar Café in Nags Head.

With 79% of North Carolinians wanting their seafood purchases to support fishing families, NC Catch, the state’s leading cooperative for local seafood, brings together consumers and commercial fishers to feast on local catch and share valuable education about North Carolina’s vital seafood industry.

Photo by NC Catch

Misinformation about commercial fishing in North Carolina keeps growing, and confusion persists over whether seafood is sustainably harvested. Panels will dig deep into major myths, real seafood trends, and innovative efforts of young people entering all aspects of the state’s seafood industry. This day of education and real-life stories of commercial fishing families will teach attendees how to stand up for local seafood.

Keynote speakers David Senter, the seminal farmers’ rights advocate whose movement inspired Farm Aid, and N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries director Kathy Rawls will share how both consumers and commercial fishers can get their concerns heard by regulators and the public, building unrelenting support for a seafood industry that feeds North Carolina and is a cornerstone of the state’s multimillion-dollar tourist industry.

The N.C. Catch Summit culminates in a delicious evening at the Outer Banks Seafood Feast. Guests will savor a selection of dishes passed down through generations of fishing families. The menu includes stewed crab, steamed shrimp, homemade desserts, and more. All proceeds benefit NC Catch, a volunteer organization of commercial fishers, scientists, seafood market owners, and others in the seafood industry working to insure everyone has access to safe, reliable, and sustainable North Carolina seafood.

The N.C. Catch Summit is free, but guests must register to attend. Lunch is not included but may be added during registration.

Register for the N.C. Catch Summit at https://NCCatchSummit2023.eventbrite.com

The Outer Banks Seafood Feast costs $75 per person.

Get Outer Banks Seafood Feast tickets at https://NCCatchOuterBanksSeafoodFeast.eventbrite.com

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