Updated reports available to help better understand offshore wind development impacts on fishing

Updated reports available to help better understand offshore wind development impacts on fishing

December 8th, 2022

NOAA Fisheries has updated existing analyses and reports to help the public better understand the impacts of offshore wind development on commercial and recreational fisheries along the U.S. Atlantic Coast.

The new reports complement the previously developed analyses and include updated fishing operations data, project areas, and data outputs for existing lease areas and approved project areas.

The federal agency has added 2020 and 2021 fishery data to both commercial and party/charter impact summaries for each lease area, noting that 2020 fishing operations were affected by the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic and may not be reflective of future fishing operations.

Also updated were individual lease areas to reflect the most recent areas under consideration as reported by BOEM’s GIS website.

And new tables have been added summarizing fishery landings and revenue aggregated by landing port and state and the number of business entities fishing within the bounds of each project.

All of these updates, except for the number of business entities, are also integrated into the data query tool, which enables users to organize the data to meet their individual needs. Together, these updates provide the latest information available to help estimate the potential impacts of offshore energy leases and approved projects on regional commercial and party/charter fisheries and associated fishing communities.

The socioeconomic impact reports and data query tool are both available online. All data included in reports and the query tool have been aggregated, as necessary, to protect data confidentiality.

The site will be updated once a year in June, unless otherwise noted. Due to the rapid pace of offshore wind development along the Atlantic coast, lease areas used to generate reports and associated data published on this website may be outdated. 

Data users are strongly urged to coordinate with NOAA Fisheries staff to discuss data limitations and acquire the most accurate and updated data through area/project-specific data requests when preparing socioeconomic impact analysis for individual projects.

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