Southern Shores land use plan update public meeting on Nov. 15

Southern Shores land use plan update public meeting on Nov. 15

November 1st, 2022

The Town of Southern Shores has begun the process of updating its Land Use Plan. A new state law requires that if a local government wants to enforce zoning the local government must have and maintain a comprehensive plan or land-use plan.

The plan consistency must be considered by the planning board and governing board for zoning amendments, but the adopted plan remains advisory. The town went through an RFQ process to hire a consultant, Stewart, to help develop the plan.

Community input is a vital part of the process. The plan will address things such as:

(1) Issues and opportunities facing the local government, including consideration of trends, values expressed by citizens, community vision, and guiding principles for growth and development.
(2) The pattern of desired growth and development and civic design, including the location, distribution, and characteristics of future land uses.
(3) Acceptable levels of public services and infrastructure to support development, including plans and policies for provision of and financing for public infrastructure.
(4) Recreation and open spaces.
(5) Mitigation of natural hazards such as flooding, winds, wildfires, and unstable lands.
(6) Protection of the environment and natural resources, including water and air quality.
(7) Protection of significant architectural, scenic, cultural, historical, or archaeological resources.
(8) Analysis and evaluation of implementation measures, including regulations, public investments, and educational programs.

The public is invited to the Community Kickoff Meeting on November 15 from 5:00-7:00pm at the Pitts Center in Southern Shores.

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