Dare County September 2022 Employee of the Month: Matt Cartwright

Dare County September 2022 Employee of the Month: Matt Cartwright

September 8th, 2022

Matt Cartwright, who serves as an Advanced EMT for the Dare County EMS Department, has been named Dare County Employee of the Month for September 2022.

The award was presented to Cartwright by Dare County EMS Director Jennie Collins during the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held on September 6, 2022.

Cartwright initially started his career with Dare County EMS as a Basic EMT in August 2008 and was promoted to his current position of Advanced EMT in August 2009.

“Our job in EMS is predicated on teamwork, and part of that teamwork is to ensure readiness,” Collins said during her Employee of the Month award presentation. “We make sure the gas tanks are filled up on the ambulances, and Matt makes sure that the folks he’s working with have their fuel tank full too! He does that by making sure that they’re well-fed.”

Collins continued, “Every morning that he can—when he’s not committed to an emergency call—he makes sure that he is doing the meal prep at the station. Often, it’s eggs from his own chickens that he brings in, and he also spends his own money on other things that he brings in and makes sure breakfast is done and he’s already got dinner plans in mind.”

In addition to his efforts to plan and prepare homemade meals for his crewmates at the station, Collins also praised Cartwright for his positive attitude and willingness to assist with an assortment of additional tasks throughout the EMS Department.

“He is always helpful,” said Collins. “No matter if another unit in the station comes back and it’s filthy dirty, he’s out there helping the crew get back into service quicker. And you don’t ever have to mention that to him; it’s just innate in him—that’s his helpfulness and [him] making sure that we [maintain] that readiness that we do.”

Cartwright’s colleagues also shared positive feedback about his dedication to the EMS Department in their nomination forms, one of which stated, “He always ensures his crew members are well-fed by supplying his own grocery supplies, often including fresh eggs from his farm. Almost every morning, he prepares breakfast and always has some dinner ideas ready for everyone. This amount of meal prep involves his own money, time and patience, and there has not been a shift where he has not supplied a meal or a helping hand. Additionally, his positive attitude and ‘helping hand’ mannerisms—whether it involves equipment and supply restocks or walk-in patients—makes for the swift completion of tasks and assessments. The care and teamwork he displays to his coworkers is evident and sincerely acknowledged by all!”

As she concluded her remarks during the presentation, Collins said, “For everything, Matt, that you do to make sure that everybody is ready and working as a team, thank you for your dedication, and I am proud to be able to give you this Employee of the Month award.”

For more information about the Dare County EMS Department, visit DareNC.com/EMS.

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