VIDEO: Outer Banks Boil Company featured on Fox & Friends

VIDEO: Outer Banks Boil Company featured on Fox & Friends

August 14th, 2022

Outer Banks Boil Company brought their Signature Seafood Boil to the nation on Sunday with an appearance on Fox & Friends, the Fox News Channel’s morning show.

Matt Khouri, Founder and CEO of Outer Banks Boil Company, boiled up a classic Signature Seafood Boil in Times Square – one pot complete with succulent jumbo shrimp, authentic andouille sausage, fresh sweet corn, buttery red bliss potatoes and sweet Vidalia onions, all layered, seasoned to perfection and ready to steam.

Kourhi was part of multiple live hits from outside FNC’s studios in Manhattan during the 8 and 9 a.m. hours, culminating with the show’s final segment that included a corn eating contest between the hosts.

“We’re so stoked for the opportunity to bring our Signature Seafood Boil to national television”, Khouri said in press release ahead of the appearance. “Our boils are ideal for bringing folks together, and after the last couple of years, I think we all need a little more time spent with friends and family, while enjoying good food too!”

“Our mission at OBBC is to create more than just a meal, but memories with our alternative dining experience,” Khouri said. “Through our take-out or catered options, one pot with quality ingredients is all you need to enjoy ‘The Best Pot on the Beach’!”

Founded in 2012, the Outer Banks Boil Company is a seafood catering and take out concept that creates an alternative dining experience and gathers people around one table to enjoy a delicious and perfectly prepared signature seafood boil.

Outer Banks Boil Company offers customers a signature seafood boil takeout option, prepped and ready to steam at home, as well as catered events, where a boiler arrives at the client’s location to provide a full service, one of a kind experience.

The brand currently has 10 locations dotting the eastern seaboard – New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida with additional locations in various stages of development.

So what exactly is a boil and how does it work?
Jumbo shrimp, authentic andouille sausage, red bliss potatoes, corn on the cob and sweet Vidalia onions are layered, seasoned to perfection, and expertly steamed together in a boiling pot of seasoned water. Seafood such as snow crab legs, clams, mussels, scallops and lobster tails can also be added, in addition to local favorites depending on store location. For non-seafood fans, Outer Banks Boil Company also offers pulled pork barbecue, coleslaw, cornbread muffins and key lime pie for dessert.

When cooking is complete, all the yummy goodness is “poured” onto a table fully equipped with a table cloth, plates, forks, knives, and all the other essential utensils and fix-ins for a classic Outer Banks Boil Company signature seafood boil.

In addition to the above catering option, there are two other ways to enjoy an Outer Banks Boil Company signature seafood boil: Takeout and Special Events.

Takeout: Outer Banks Boil Company “Best Pot To-Go” provides customers with the opportunity to experience a signature seafood boil without the full-service catering.  Prepped and ready to steam in it’s own pot, the customer just adds two cups of liquid (beer, wine or water)and steams up a fresh seafood feast right on their own stovetop.

Special Events: From rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions to birthday celebrations, family reunions and corporate events, Outer Banks Boil Company makes any event one to remember.

For more information about Outer Banks Boil Company, visit

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