Grant allows Kill Devil Hills Fire Department to replace critical communication equipment

Grant allows Kill Devil Hills Fire Department to replace critical communication equipment

July 21st, 2022

The Kill Devil Hills Fire Department was awarded a $229,409 grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program. This grant has allowed the KDHFD to replace outdated and unrepairable radio communications equipment.

“The new radios have led to increased safety for both the firefighters and the citizens we serve,” said Kill Devil Hills Fire Chief Troy Tilley.

“Our town, while relatively small, experiences a significant volume of emergency responses, the most in Dare County,” Tilley said.

“Each of these emergency responses relies upon an effective communication network to receive and deliver critical information, locate callers, and transmit information to the dispatch center, other mutual aid departments, EMS, and the Incident Commander,” Tilley said. “No piece of equipment that we utilize receives as much use as our radios.”

The newer radio communication eliminates duplication of effort and leads to quick control of incidents. “It is vital to the safety of the responders and the public that our equipment be reliable and up-to-date,” stated Tilley.

“Receiving this grant, will reduce time, money, and efforts spent on maintaining and replacing older equipment, thereby avoiding cascading effects resulting from a catastrophic inability to communicate with others during emergencies,” Tilley said.

This substantial grant wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the town’s Board of Commissioners who understand the importance of keeping our Town safe and secure and protecting our employees on the job.

This grant was paramount to meeting the needs of the community and the KDHFD. It will allow our responders to continue carrying out their mission of minimalizing the risks of fires and other hazards in the community and promptly responding to any emergency without challenge.

“Without a reliable radio system, all we do would be potentially compromised,” said Tilley.

The Kill Devil Hills Fire Department being able to replace critical communication systems, in turn, helps improve the community’s safety, disaster management, and property conservation efforts in Kill Devil Hills.

This enhancement will have a profound effect on the increased safety of the KDHFD and our citizens for years to come.

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